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Looking for a roller shutter? Discover why you can experience better quality and operation with Compact doors. This is because they are a better alternative to roller shutters, they are insulated and better protected against the weather. On this page we outline the advantages and disadvantages of a roller shutter compared to a Compact door.

Roller shutter features versus compact door features  

Roller doors are mostly used to close and seal large industrial, storage and agricultural buildings. However, due to the limitations of roller doors, the Compact door was developed at the end of the 80s. They have more applications and more advantages over a roller shutter. The advantages are outlined below:

Features  Roller shutter    Compact door  
Requries little installation space  Groen vink icoon
 Groen vink icoon
Anti-lift device Groen vink icoon Groen vink icoon
Insulated exterior door Groen vink icoon Groen vink icoon
Suitable as interior door Groen vink icoon Groen vink icoon
Opening frequency <10/uur Groen vink icoon Groen vink icoon
Opening frequency >10/uurKruis icoon Groen vink icoon
GlazingKruis icoon Groen vink icoon
Manual operationKruis icoon Groen vink icoon
Electric operation Groen vink icoon Groen vink icoon
Storm proofKruis icoon Groen vink icoon
RAL colour optionsKruis icoon Groen vink icoon
Low maintenanceKruis icoon Groen vink icoon
High-speed optionKruis icoon Groen vink icoon
Your choiceKruis icoon Groen vink icoon


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Roller shutter versus Compact door  

The summary above shows that the range of applications of a Compact door is limitless and much wider than that of a roller shutter. One of the most significant similarities is that both doors are easy to install and require little installation space. The Compact door also wins out in other areas. This type of door also offers the following advantages:

  • Wicket door option: the option to install a wicket door so that the entire Compact door does not need to be opened all the time.
  • Light ingress: high light levels due to the option to install a window or glazing.
  • Insulation: our Compact door is always insulated.
  • Flexible design: the design can be customised to match the                  exterior of your existing building. 

The Compact door can also be integrated where roller shutters are currently installed.


Types of roller shutters and their advantages

Roller shutters are available in various types and specifications. They gained their popularity as a door fitting in agricultural and industrial premises. They are also well suited to this application due to the fact that they are indestructible and are available at a relatively low cost. With the Compact door, we combine the advantages of a roller shutter with the other features that we and our customers require in the ideal product.


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