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Watch the film and get inspired

Publishing date: 24-11-2014 Watch the film and get inspired

Points to consider when designing a building include where does the door go, where do loading and offloading take place, and how are goods handled? How much space is available for fitting, will there be a crane track, and do we need a wicket door? All questions that have to be considered when resolving logistical issues and which must be incorporated at the design phase. To look at these questions once the building is underway is too late!

In order to inspire designers, architects and everyone who is involved in the design of commercial buildings, we have made a film showing a number of points that are important in the development of an industrial building. It may be a factory or a garage, a transport company or emergency service. The film shows the potential obstacles and the position of an industrial door on the site in relation to the loading bay, and also looks at the internal logistics.

Watch our new inspirational film on applications of the Compact door here

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