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New protective shield

Publishing date: 04-01-2016 New protective shield

Rolflex introduces new external protective covers for door and motor

Due to its unique folding system, the Compact door is regularly installed on the exterior of a building. It is important for the folding door to be protected against weather conditions such as rain, snow and hail. But in addition to optimum protection and excellent functionality, a smart appearance adds value to any business premises. 

 Old Compact door shelter  New Compact door shelter
View of building with old protective cover View of building with new protective covers


To simplify installation and to improve the design, the protective shield for the Compact door was in need of an upgrade. We opted to replace the old protective shield, which protected the door and motor together, with 2 separate covers, one for the door and one for the motor. Both covers can be selected together and separately.

To simplify installation, the covers are made from aluminium instead of steel. This makes the cover lighter in weight and easier to use as a result. The design of the cover has also been adapted to a slimline, modern design.The motor position is not relevant to the fitting of the cover, it is universal and can be adapted on site.

Motor shelter exploded view  Door shelter new exploded view Shelters exploded view

The Compact door's motor can be fitted with a protective cover. This is supplied in component form and can be easily installed to protect the motor alone.

The Compact door package can be protected by a cover in the folded position. This cover is delivered in component form and can be easily installed over the door package. 

Combined motor protective cover and door protective cover. Both covers offer protection to the door if installed externally, for example. The covers are easy to install and can be ordered in the same colours as the door.


 Motor shelter  Compact door shelter      New Compact door shelter        

The overall external dimensions of both covers have been slightly amended in comparison with the old cover. The new covers require less space than the old cover. The new design is available from today. 

Please note: Ensure that you select 2 accessories in your request or order!

Should you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us via email

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