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How can Rolflex help you with BIM?

Publishing date: 09-01-2018 How can Rolflex help you with BIM?

You want to add the Compact folding door to your BIM project. To meet the requirements of BIM, a few things are needed:

- a digital representation of the Compact folding door.

- An open standard file of the Compact folding door.

To give you a ready-to-use file to work with, Rolflex has developed a 3D file from the Compact folding door that you can download. This file is available in various formats, depending on the Revit package you use. You can download the file and then add it to your own BIM file.

How to add a BIM file to your project

For this we have developed an animation that shows you step by step how it works. Watch the video here:


Our files are also available in:

Bim Oject

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