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Industrial doors | The Compact folding door requires little space

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Industrial doors from Rolflex at Peugeot

Industrial doors | Peugeot benefits from the advantages of the Rolflex Compact folding door Industrial doors | Peugeot benefits from the Full Vision Roflex Compact door

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Are you in the market for an industrial door? Discover the Compact door from Rolflex. It is particularly suitable for the closure of industrial complexes, warehouses and production sites. The Compact door requires little space and fits any type of building. In addition to the function of industrial door it is also suitable as an overhead door or service door.

The advantages of the Compact door compared to other industrial doors

In developing the Compact door we have combined the advantages of various types of door in one single door. Below you will find a summary of the features of our Compact industrial door. It gives you all of the convenience and options for sealing large openings, for example in industrial buildings.

Features   Compact doors  
Little installation space required  Groen vink icoon
Anti-lift device  Groen vink icoon
Insulated exterior door  Groen vink icoon
Suitable as interior door  Groen vink icoon
Opening frequency <10/uur  Groen vink icoon
Opening frequency >10/uur  Groen vink icoon
Glazing  Groen vink icoon
Manual operation  Groen vink icoon
Electrical operation  Groen vink icoon
Storm proof  Groen vink icoon
RAL colour options  Groen vink icoon
Low maintenance  Groen vink icoon
High speed option  Groen vink icoon
Your choice of door  Groen vink icoon


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Types of industrial doors available from Rolflex  

Rolflex offers various versions of industrial doors. Below is a summary of the types of Compact door we supply.

Basic: a basic industrial door, intended for protection against weather and unauthorised persons. It has very good insulation and sealing.

Windows: the same features as the basic Compact door, but it is also fitted with a sandwich panel containing windows. You choose the shape of the panels (oval or square) and the number of windows you want to have  installed. These doors can also be easily adapted at a later stage.

Combi: in place of the sandwich panels in the Compact door windows, these industrial doors can be fitted with full glass panels. This type ensures an optimum view from inside to outside and more light ingress.

Full vision: with the full vision Compact door, the door leaf is composed completely of full vision panels. These can be fitted with a transparent filling, but a closed filling is also available, or a combination of both.

Full light: the full light industrial door combines the advantages of full vision and sandwich panels (windows). This type of door ensures optimum light ingress and insulation. The view is not completely clear however as we use a specific filling.

Wicket door: to avoid the door always having to be fully opened in large industrial buildings, we also have Compact doors with a wicket door. When someone wishes to enter the building, they can do so easily through the wicket door. This minimises the loss of heat.

Side door in fixed section: if a wicket door is required, the sill may be a problem. The Compact folding door with side section/side door is therefore a good solution. The side door is quick and easy to install.


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