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Wickets doors are chosen for various reasons. It is a fast access to a building without having to open the whole door, because of this in winter less heat leaves the building and in summer the heat stays out. A Compact folding door with wicket door contributes to the energy saving programm of the company. Also when the Compact door is installed on the outside of the building, a wicket door is possible, the wicket door folds with the doorblade and is neatly folding above the opening. The look of the wicket door is the same as the Compact door, also glazing is an option.

At the pictures of this application you will find the various examples.

Wicket door

A wicket door is for pedestrians and is integrated in the Compact door. When a person enters the building there is no need to open the service door entirely. Warmth will remain in the building and the employees are not affected by wind and rain. A wicket door is also a safety solution in case of a power failure.

The wicket door can consist of both insulated sandwich panels and Full Vison panels or a combination thereof. The door framework is made of anodized aluminum. The position, hinge side and opening direction can be customised. As standard an electronic security is integrated into the door frame. This ensures that the Compact door can only be operated when the wicket door is closed. Wicket doors are supplied with a euro cylinder lock and three keys. An optional panic lock ensures that the door can always be opened from the inside.


Wicket door
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