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More parts and vulnerable balancing springs

More parts and vulnerable balancing springs

Compact folding door

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Choose the Compact folding door

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Save time, money and space

Balancing springs that break, every building owner with traditional sectional doors is familiar with. Replacement is a big cost and always comes at an inconvenient time. Furthermore, preventive maintenance does not prevent the springs from having to be replaced every 5 to 10 years. These are costs that are most of the time not taken into account when purchasing a door, but cause a lot of annoyance and disruption.

The Compact folding door has no balancing springs, annual maintenance is sufficient to keep the door in good condition. The costs of replacement of parts of the Compact door cannot be compared with the costs of balancing springs. When purchasing a Compact folding door, you save on costs in the future. A plus that every entrepreneur should take advantage of. You save time, money and space!


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