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For an additional entrance in their showroom Volvo Apeldoorn in the Netherlands has chosen a fully glazed Full Vision Compact folding door. The doors are completely filled with safety glass to provide a luxurious look and feel. They fit the design of the building, both inside and outside, all metal parts like rails and folding plates are powder coated in the right colour. This creates an impressive business like appearance. In cooperation with VBJ Architects an integrated concept has been created.

Full Vision

In this type of Compact door the whole surface is constructed from Full Vision panels. The advantage of using transparant fillings is more natural light in the building and a clear view inside and out. In addition to the clear acrylic and polycarbonate fillings the panels can also be equipped with safety glass, mesh or combinations thereof. The Full Vision door gives each building a luxurious appearance.

Full vision panels are aluminum hollow profiles with vertical center posts and a filling of your choice. The fillings are clamped to the inside with a white frame that consists of polythene and rubber. Full Vision panels can also be combined with insulated sandwich panels. It is also possible to fit these panels with no filling at all.


Full Vision
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