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Rolflex has delivered the Compact folding door to multiple Audi dealers worldwide. The delivered Compact folding door have been executed in several door versions. For instance the Full Light door, delivered to Audi Epinal in France. The Combi Folding door has been delivered to Audi in Turkey.  A Full vision door has been delivered to an Audi dealer in the Netherlands.

All projects have their own specifics.  For the Audi showroom in Epinal, France,  Rolflex provided the latest version of the Compact door with Full Light panels. Full Light Compact doors are beautifully designed and provide the finishing touch for architectural projects. Audi has chosen the Compact folding door for its architectural and aesthetic look and feel. Combined with the minimum maintenance required and the space saving features, the Compact folding door has been the best solution for this project.

At the project in the Netherlands the Compact folding door had to be integrated in the facade of the building, it had to be the entrance door to a car lift. The complete structure of this car lift was made of glass. The  Full Vision door has been installed on the outside of the lift, as there was no room inside the lift. As the Compact door folds above the opening in to a small package, also a cover to protect the doorblade and provide a finished look has been installed. Everything in the right colour as provided by the architect. All in all a special project where the Compact Full vision door fitted right in.


Full Light

The development of this new panel allows even more applications for the Compact door. The Full Light panels offer the advantages of both the sandwich panels and the Full Vision panels: optimal insulation and natural light. Because of the use of a specific filling there is no clear view inside and out. With its architectural and luxurious look this panel surely completes our product range.

Full Light panels are made of hollow aluminum profiles without vertical centerposts. The filling consists of double-walled polycarbonate multiwall sheets. The Full Light panels are translucent and impact resistant. Moreover, these panels can be combined with insulated sandwich panels or Full Vision panels.


Full Light
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