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New maternity hospital Roubaix

In February 2017, the project for the new Maternity Hospital in Roubaix was completed. Here we provided through our partner SMF,  2 Compact folding doors. This clinic provides for the normal maternity care but specializes in high-risk pregnancies and neonatal with an intensive care unit. This specialisation means that patients come here in a potentially life threatening condition and are brought by an ambulance. That fact is an important principle in the choices made in the design of the building and the ambulance station. 

The building was designed by the architects Art & Build and Escudié Fermaut in collaboration with research company Projex Ingeniere, Diagobat, Acoustique and Advice, and built by Sogea Caroni.

Bright, modern and functional

The building needed a modern aesthetic design in which all elements are mutually compatible. The colour of the cladding, the many windows and the lines of the facade, all match. This also affected the appearance of the industrial doors. A typical sectional door does not meet these requirements. The architect required the doors to be robust and functional but with a transparent, light appearance and a translucent panel but not full glazing. Equally important the doors had to be reliable, efficient and high speed to ensure a quick exit of the ambulances.  

High demands call for a reliable solution

Security is also one of the main requirements which must be fulfilled. The Compact door is a popular choice for emergency services worldwide . It is proved to be reliable, safe and has a  wide range of design options and accessories.  It was for these reasons that the design team chose the Compact folding door.

Versatile and unique, the Compact folding door

Our folding door was chosen not only because of its many design options but also because it folds above the door opening giving free space for services and lighting. The traditional sectional door obstructs this space as it opens back into the building on tracks which are supported from the ceiling. The Compact door is quick and easy to install and does not require balancing springs. You can read more about its unique advantages on the page unique benefits / lighting.

Special appearance by different materials

The selected Compact folding doors in this project are a combined Full Light and Full Vision door with 5 panels. Both doors have a dimension of 5000x2950mm (W x H). There has been chosen a Full Light Polycarbonate multiwall sheets filling into four panels, the 3rd panel at eye level is a Full Vision panel, an aluminium frame with polycarbonate windows. As a result, the full sectional door is light permeable but you can only look through the third panel. The aluminium profiles on both sides are coloured in a RAL colour, RAL 8019, the same colour as the window frames in the rest of the building.

Safety first

Standard the Compact folding door is provided with a light curtain safety, were the opening is monitored by infra-red, when an obstacle in the opening appears at the moment the door moves downwards,  it stops and goes up again. The folding doors are also equipped with various additional safety features such as a warning light, photocells  and an emergency stop button. These additions ensure that when the door is in motion, this is also visible outside the immediate area of ​​the doorway. Want to know more about the safety features to the compact folding door, look at the security section of our website.


Quality for all circumstances

Where ever you are, there is always a Compact door nearby.

Full Light

The development of this new panel allows even more applications for the Compact door. The Full Light panels offer the advantages of both the sandwich panels and the Full Vision panels: optimal insulation and natural light. Because of the use of a specific filling there is no clear view inside and out. With its architectural and luxurious look this panel surely completes our product range.

Full Light panels are made of hollow aluminum profiles without vertical centerposts. The filling consists of double-walled polycarbonate multiwall sheets. The Full Light panels are translucent and impact resistant. Moreover, these panels can be combined with insulated sandwich panels or Full Vision panels.


Full Light
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