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Compact folding door 2020

New Compact door 2020

The compact door fits anywhere and anytime

The Compact door version 2020 is out now!

Anyone who knows the Compact door knows that it is a high quality product. To keep it that way, it is produced exclusively in our own factory in the Netherlands. At Rolflex, however, we are continuously working on product improvements to further increase our quality standards. Now the time has come and we can proudly present the new Compact door 2020.

What did we improve?

The cable routing has been optimised, reducing the pressure from the door parts. This results in less wear and tear. In addition, cable tensioners have been added.

The engine mounts have been reinforced. This will ensure a long and problem-free lifespan, even in extreme conditions.

The folding plates have been adapted. They are made from durable material, in one piece.

The improvements of the Compact door








In this video you can take a closer look at the technical changes and discover the new assembly steps.

Would you prefer to see live how the Compact door is assembled? Then just visit us. In our Compact Academy you become an expert in Compact folding doors.

Send an email to or call +31(0)315 695959 and register.

Step by step

When assembling the new door, look at the installation manual supplied. All steps are depicted there so that the assembly can proceed smoothly.

The Compact door can still be assembled within one day.

You can also download the instructions as a PDF.

The assembly instructions for the new Compact door

Everything is possible with the Compact door

Possible applications

Of course, the new Compact door is as space-saving as before and remains the solution for all your problems. Opposite placement, indoor or outdoor installation. The Compact door opens up new possibilities for you.

The design options are unlimited. You can choose from 10 different standard colors or specify a RAL color of your choice. There are also various types of glazing. Windows in oval or rectangular or a full glazing of the panels. With the Compact door it is even possible to integrate a wicket door. Everything is possible.

Convince yourself and design the Compact door according to your wishes. You will immediately receive your technical drawing and the price.


Here you can find the information briefly as a PDF.

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