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DHL have recently opened a fully automated parcel distribution center at Schiphol airport in The Netherlands. They chose the compact door for all the loading bays. In other installations they had used Roller shutters which proved to be noisy and with a low level of insulation. The compact door has proved to be a much better choice. Not only does it fold above the door opening as the roller shutter it also offers a similar specification to a sectional door. Even though there is restricted headroom there is sufficient space for overhead lighting and electrical services. The doors are self supported from side rails and their smooth and quiet movement uses little energy guaranteeing a longer life cycle and lower maintenance costs. The door panels are painted to match the loading bay colours.


To take optimal advantage of the natural light our Compact doors can be provided with Full Vision panels. These fully glazed panels can also be combined with sandwich panels. The Full Vision panels have a lot of glass surface allowing more natural light inside and maximum visibility on both inside and outside.

Full vision panels are aluminum hollow profiles with vertical center posts and a filling of your choice. The fillings are clamped to the inside with a white frame that consists of polythene and rubber.

A Full Vision panel is suitable for different types of fillings. In addition to the clear acrylic and polycarbonate fillings the panels can also be equipped with safety glass, mesh or closed sandwich panels. It is even possible to fit these panels with no filling at all.


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