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ATEX for Compact folding doors


Rolflex makes folding doors for industrial usage.  For some applications the doors may be placed in a potentially explosive environment. 

Determining the zone:

It is always the responsibility of the user to state which zone in compliance with ATEX 153 the door is going to be used, where these zones are located and which temperature class is necessary, and on this basis to determine whether the Compact folding door meets requirements.

The marking of the standard is structured as follows:
First Material group I or II , then Atex Category 1, 2 or 3, then the explosion protection code.  Finally the temperature class is given, ranging from T1 to T6.

The mechanical elements of the Compact folding door comply with:

Directive 2014/34/EU (ATEX 114 Directive)
Directive 2014/34/EU reference: II 3 GD T6

This classification indicates:
o II: other explosive conditions than mining (mining is “I”)
o 3: stands for Category 3 (Zone 2 Gas, Zone 22 Dust)
o G: stands for Gas
o D: stands for Dust
o T6: stands for the temperature class

The mechanical elements of the door are therefore suited to a situation where an explosive gas or dust may occur in accordance with Zone 2 / 22 whereby that gas or dust must have a fire point that is higher than 85°C (T6).

Adjustments to Compact folding door with mechanical ATEX

In order to make the folding door suitable for placing in a potentially explosive environment a number of adjustments are made:

  • Automatic static discharge of the door
  • Transformer for the slack rope guard
  • Connection to blue ATEX cables

There are a few aspects that also must be taken account of:

  • The motor must be fitted outside the explosive area, this may mean that adjustments have to be made to the motor, e.g. an extended shaft, possibly in combination with a front-fitted motor.
  • The control box must be fitted outside the explosive area.
  • The Compact folding door is only available with a “deadman’s control” in ATEX-compatible models.

ATEX for electrical components of the Compact folding door

For parts of the motor and electrical installation it depends which parts are in the ATEX zone.  The temperature class of these components may naturally change the temperature class of the whole.  For instance, if the drive is T4 then that will be the determinative temperature class for the door as a whole.

There is no one-size-fits-all solution, we advise you to contact us in each case.


To increase natural light and provide visibility our Compact folding doors are available with windows. These are placed in the sandwich panels. The windows are made of double walled acrylic with a black polythene framework. The frames come in two versions: rectangular and oval. One window can be placed every linear meter.

An important advantage of the windows is that they can be placed even after assembly and installation of the Compact door.




To take optimal advantage of the natural light our Compact doors can be provided with Full Vision panels. These fully glazed panels can also be combined with sandwich panels. The Full Vision panels have a lot of glass surface allowing more natural light inside and maximum visibility on both inside and outside.

Full vision panels are aluminum hollow profiles with vertical center posts and a filling of your choice. The fillings are clamped to the inside with a white frame that consists of polythene and rubber.

A Full Vision panel is suitable for different types of fillings. In addition to the clear acrylic and polycarbonate fillings the panels can also be equipped with safety glass, mesh or closed sandwich panels. It is even possible to fit these panels with no filling at all.


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